“We are just so proud:” Dorchester County opening new state-of-the-art medical facility

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – An Emergency Department with new technology and an outpatient center, all in one. You’ll find it at the University of Maryland Shore Regional Health facility in Cambridge.

“It has been years in the making and we are just so proud and so pleased to be able to work with our community to be able to create a facility like this,” Ken Kozel, UM SRH President and CEO, said.

Historically, the ER department and outpatient center had to be in separate buildings, but they’ll be combined in one building something that’s unique to Maryland.

“So, one building would be for the outpatient unregulated space and the regulated space would be a separate building, we were able to meet with the state and agree on one building,” AnnMarie Hernandez, Nurse Manager for the ER and Site Manager, said.

In, this new medical center you’ll find state-of-the-art equipment, some of which is not currently at their Dorchester General Hospital.

“We have two brand new resuscitation rooms, which we don’t have a designated resuscitation room at this time, we also have a three bed psych pod, which we only have a one room behavioral health room at this time,” Hernandez said.

“There’s state-of-the-art equipment that’s going to provide laboratory results and imaging exam results and specialists that are coming to this building,” Kozel said.

And, we’re told the hospital is bringing back services they haven’t put out in the community for a while, which will be a plus for residents.

“So, people don’t have to leave the community to go to Easton for certain specialties, they will be here everyone’s things combined on the second floor, so the pediatric unit, women’s services, cardiology,” Hernandez said.

With so many moving parts and a lot to look forward to, health officials tell me they hope to bring more healthcare access to the community while working together with partners.

“The point is to do what we can here well and do it locally so that our patients don’t have to transfer for their care,” Kozel said.

The hospital told us they learned a lot from COVID-19 and they used those lessons when constructing the new facility.

One, of those lessons adding more negative pressure rooms in the ER that isolates patients and has airflow within that room to create a safer space.

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