Resort towns prepare for off-season, businesses say they’re gearing up for next summer


OCEAN CITY, Md. – Fall in Ocean City means less traffic coming into the resort town, but for Coconuts Bar & Grill it means closing the doors for the off-season.

“But while we’re closed we still do have people working. We have a lot of maintenance, we do a lot of our upgrades, and of course we try to improve for next year,” said Assistant General Manager Paulie Smith.

Management tells me, the off-time allows them to prepare for another great summer.

“So all that money that we make through the summer goes to do our upgrades and renovations. So even without the money actually coming in for those months, we’ve put money aside that’s necessary to be upgraded for this next season,” said Smith.

As they prepare to shut their doors, I’m told business isn’t the only thing being impacted.

Sunday marks Allison Hunter’s last day working, but she has other things to keep her busy. “I’m a full time student so I basically just focus on school. I’m looking into doing internships right now and that kind of stuff. Also, I am working on possibly doing part-time work at another restaurant that’s open full-time during the winter,” said Hunter.

Although the town might be a little quieter this time of year, I’m told it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“It’ll be kind of nice having coastal highway a little less crowded. That way we can go down and walk on the beach and go to the boardwalk before everything closes. That sort of thing,” said Hunter.

“Also besides business, it’s time to spend some time with family like my wife and my son. He’s into sports and all that. It’s a mix of emotions so you need some time for that, but once you get ready you get prepared for the season to start again,” said Smith.

Hunter says the thing that will be missed the most is the relationships that have been made over the summer. “We do keep in touch, we do have different group chats and we all follow each other on social media. But obviously not seeing each other every day is kind of hard but it makes it even more special when we come back for next season,” said Hunter.

Coconuts Bar & Grill will have its end-of-season party this Sunday, October 17th. All food and drinks will be half off for the entire day and community members are encouraged to come out and enjoy one last night before doors close.

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