Partnership between FYP and the Blooming Lotus Project to bring new youth program to Wicomico

SALISBURY, Md. – In Wicomico County, the Fenix Youth Project and the Blooming Lotus Project are partnering up for a new youth initiative and program called Peer Theatre.

We’re told this program is a creative art intervention where youth can choose the social justice pieces they want to write about, script, and perform their own original play.

Those with the Blooming Lotus Project, a program at the wellness center in Salisbury tells us, they’ve created a curriculum that can best help these students shape how they want to tell their stories. We’re told it addresses mental health, and ways to talk about social injustices among youth. Now the community can get involved by sponsoring the youth involved, and helping support them financially.

“We would just really be helping guide how this could be enacted in the ways in which we dig into telling the stories in the youth’s voice,” says Venessa Bowers, Director of the Blooming Lotus Project. She adds, “Being able to spend that time and sit inside of their creative process is so exciting because it’s amazing, they blow your mind.”

We’re told the youth will begin work on their plays in December and perform sometime in March.

To find out how you can get involved or sponsor a youth, just visit the Blooming Lotus Project’s Facebook or the Fenix Youth Project Facebook.

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