Our bodies, our choices, our lives; morning reproductive rights rally in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – Peaceful protestors gathered in downtown Salisbury on Saturday as part of a national call to action to support women’s reproductive rights, and we’re told this is a part of a national movement.

It comes after a restrictive anti-abortion bill went into effect in Texas, last month banning abortions after six weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest. “Whatever your beliefs are, we respect them and what we want is for people to respect our beliefs that are not the same,” says Joan Roache, Co-President of the Women’s Democratic Club of Worcester County.

‘We won’t go back,’  was the theme of the rally which aimed at mobilizing activists and defending reproductive rights. “They are willing to dictate to women what to do to their own bodies, it just boggles my mind,” says Linda Linzey, with the Woman’s Democratic Club Worcester County.

The Eastern shore women won’t go back coalition gathered advocate groups to answer a call to action by women’s march, planned parenthood, and many others.

“Their own decisions about what they feel is right and wrong should not, in this case, be imposed on these very imminent personal decisions that women have to make,” says Susan Buyer, with Indivisible Worcester County.

Participants at the rally tell 47 ABC, they’re honored to fight alongside other supporters for the movement. “For me, I felt it was important to take a stand and it was my chance to do that,” says protester, Sarah Trachy.

Trachy tells us, she’s a mother who traveled from the Eastern shore of Virginia for the rally. She has four children, three of which died in her arms shortly after birth. Trachy was eventually told she had non-immune hydrops, a rare condition that can show up later in pregnancy and cause severe birth defects or death. “If I could have spared myself, my family, and my friends heartache and the suffering that they helped me shoulder, I would spare them that,” says Trachy.

Organizers say, this is not the time to go back to quote coat hangers and knitting needles; it’s time to stand, and make change. “You can do it, you are the change, you are the future, make it happen. No one else is going to do it for you,” says Rose Bean (They/Them) representing FLIP, )Feminists, Liberals, Independents, Progressives). They add, “We’re not going to go back to the dark ages.”

Supporters and survivors also say, it’s not just about calling for change, it’s also about finding strength in their connections to each other. “It was wonderful to see feel so affirmed and supported by this crowd, all the speakers were welcomed with open arms and clapping hands so to speak.,” says Linzey. Roache adds, “I think many of us feel alone so just to be out here with fellow people who have the same types of ideas is wonderful.”

Those at the rally say they’re hoping this movement doesn’t fall on deaf ears. They say if you’d like to help support their cause, you can join local advocate groups or support politicians that also share your values.

They add that you can also donate to organizations that help with women’s health.

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