Federalsburg to remove halloween age restriction after pushback

FEDERALSBURG, Md. – The town of Federalsburg is reversing its guidelines regarding how old a child can be to be able to participate in the town’s trick-or-treating event on Halloween night.

The move comes as the Town faced backlash online after they announced that this Halloween would follow the 2007 era policy of having a cut-off for kids over 12 participating in the event.

Federalsburg Town Manager Larry DiRe tells us, the issue came up when they voted to change the date from the 30th to the 31st at a recent town meeting. DiRe tells us people told him that kids had been through enough this year and kids over the age of 12 should be able to participate, and in response, the council is drafting up a new agenda to get that changed at their next meeting.

“Our staff drafted new language that’s more inclusive, the age-based content will be taken out and that speaks to making this a safe fun family-oriented event,” DiRe said.

That meeting to formally enact the change will be held on Monday night.

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