35th annual Christmas craft show returns, brings large crowds

SALISBURY, Md. – Quota Gift and Craft Fair brought back their 35th annual Christmas craft show, just in time for the holidays.

We’re told over 100 vendors made their way to the Wicomico civic center to showcase their small businesses and crafts.  After taking a year off, those with the Quota Club tell us, they weren’t sure what to expect, but the turnout was great.

The Quota club collects the proceeds and helps those in the community who are impaired, abused women and children, scholarships for students, and much more. They tell us, this is their biggest fundraiser, and seeing all the support, and the amount of community members that came out gives them hope for future events.

“Seeing the people come through the door, smiling, having fun for a change, people have not been having fun and they need to,” says Kathleen Weisberg, Treasurer of the Quota club and gift and craft show. She adds, “So the more people that come, the more money we get, the better off we are as far as funding the community for the next year.”

The Quota club also hopes to return to a three day craft show next year, and are always looking for more volunteers. If you would like more information, just head to their website.

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