Weather Tidbits: Severe Weather Risk Categories

This Weather Tidbits dives into the severe weather risk categories by the SPC. The Storm Prediction Center issues severe weather outlooks with risk categories up to 3 days out. They consist of 5 categories: marginal, slight, enhanced, moderate and high. A level 1 or marginal risk consist of isolated and short-lived severe thunderstorms that have limited intensity; usually these storms will have winds between 40-60 mph, hail up to 1″ and a low tornado risk. A level 2 or slight risk involves scattered severe storms that are also short-lived with isolated intensity; that consist of 1-2 tornadoes possible, strong winds and wind damage. A level 3 or enhanced risk deals with numerous and persistent severe storms with a few intense ones; that produce a few tornadoes and several reports of wind damage. A level 4 or moderate risk will have widespread and long-lived severe storms that are long-lived and intense; that include strong tornadoes, widespread wind damage and large hail. A level 5 or high risk are widespread, long-lived and very intense storms that are involved in a tornado outbreak or sigificant wind damage such as derechoes.

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