Tornado Aftermath: Hurlock residents say they’re safe, minor damage

HURLOCK, MD.- “Towards the end of the work day, around 5 o’clock we heard this really huge gust that shook the whole building,” said IT Director Wayne Bryan.

That gust turned into roof damage at Warwick Fulfillment Solutions.

We’re told,  it wasn’t until things calmed down that they discovered the unimaginable. “That’s when we saw this big strip of the roof had blown off and water was just coming down into the warehouse gushing in. But we just continued up front and got everyone safe and sound,” said Bryan.

“We do have a lot of stuff in there that could’ve flown had more wind came in. There’s a lot of product in there and thank god none of that happened,” said Operations Director Katie Perry.

Although there was some damage, they say they’re happy no one got hurt. “It’s a good that all we got was damage to the roof. The building can be replaced and the things inside the building can be replaced,” said Perry.

For now, they’re left picking up the pieces. “We do have roofers in there trying to see what they can do. We have people in there tarping right now trying to clean up all the water and try to make it as best as we can,” said Perry.

Warwick Fulfillment Solutions says there were about 20 people in the building when the tornado struck. and we’re told all 20 of those employees are currently safe.

We’ll continue to keep you update on storm damage and more as we get details on air or right here on our website.

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