The Brightside: Quilts of Valor

DOVER, Del. – Stitch by stitch, thread by thread, Susan Hocker works nearly every day to put together beautiful handmade quilts.

“My husband always teases me about cutting things apart and sewing them back together, but that’s what quilting is all about, it’s such a satisfying experience to put it all back together, and so rewarding when people find the joy in them,” says Hocker.

While she works at home oftentimes, sometimes you can find her in Dover, sewing alongside other women that meet up about once a month who want to give back. That includes Ann Fischer, coordinator of Quilting for Others.

“After a while I just realized it was really my thing, I really wanted to be involved in it, and I seemed to have some ability to coordinate things,” said Fischer.

But the women don’t just make quilts for loved ones or each other, they also give them to groups, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. And one of the most special, meaningful projects the groups work on is Quilts of Valor.

Quilts of Valor are made for veterans that served our country. A small piece of comfort, for people who gave so much.

“For someone to give them a quilt that is red white and blue, they recognize that, and they know that this is recognition of their service,” said Fischer.

The groups either get the fabric themselves or it’s donated from others. They work to stitch the quilts together, then hold ceremonies to give them to veterans.

It’s a process that these quilters say serves as a small thanks to the men and women who served. So while each stitch may not be perfectly straight or flawlessly sewn, it’s the meaning behind the thread that makes it so special.

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