The Brightside: Nurse helping patients through book

DELAWARE – One woman in Delaware retired from her career in nursing, but she’s not done helping patients inside of hospitals.

“I’m a nurse, I’m a nurse of 34 years, I’m retired, but I felt like patients need to know certain things,” Georgia Murawski said. She spent over three decades helping patients in Delaware during their hospital stays, but even now retired, she’s carrying on her mission of helping patients, now through a book.

“With the book, I just incorporated all of that with my nursing experience and me being a patient, I incorporated that into the book just to help people make their journey much easier,” Georgia said.

She published a book called ‘The Other Side of the Bed – a True Nurse’s Story.’ Georgia wrote the first draft, edited, and published the book during the pandemic, a time where even more people ended up in the hospital. But it’s not just for people who find themselves in the hospital, Georgia wants to make sure patients are educated for routine visits, too.

“I incorporated doctor’s visits because all of us go to a doctor at some point, whether it’s a routine, or you have to go see a doctor urgently, so I incorporated doctor’s visits, lab tests out of the hospital setting, what to expect,” she said.

Really any medical procedure or lab test you can think of, she has you covered.

“I did CAT scans in a hospital lab, I did MRIs, X-rays, I talk about mammograms for women, and I also talk about deliveries for moms and dads,” Georgia explained.

Because, for her, being a retired nurse and a patient herself at times, she says knowing the process can get you the best care.

“Even if they got one aspect of the book, or one piece of knowledge, I feel accomplished because there’s a lot to know, and there’s a lot of unknown, so it gives me a lot of joy that I did this, and I just feel accomplished,” she said.

If you’re interested in Georgia’s book, you can find it on Amazon.

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