Special Olympic truck convoy returns, celebrating athletes

HARRINGTON, Del. – If you were in Kent county on Saturday, you may have noticed a few trucks rumbling down route 13. They all gathered for the annual Special Olympics truck convoy.¬†“When you come down here and do something like this for special Olympians and pulls at your heartstrings,” says Tom Lafferty, a truck driver with Wal-Mart.

186 trucks rolled up to the state fair grounds in Harrington to raise money and support, the 2021 Special Olympics in Delaware. Ed Wright, a truck driver with Perdue Farms tells us, “I look forward to it every year we keep everything outside on our calendar for this and we enjoy being here and be like being here with a group of people and doing the event, I’m bringing the awareness for Special Olympics.”

We’re told drivers from across the state come down to show their support for the athletes, and community members got to watch the parade of trucks, escorted by law enforcement.

In past years, athletes could ride with the drivers, but unfortunately¬† that’s put on hold due to the pandemic. “They get inside of these trucks, and you could see the expressions on their face it’s like Christmas morning to them,” says Lafferty. An athlete named Justin who has participated in the Special Olympics tells 47 ABC “My favorite part is to honk the horn and and talk on the radio.”

Drivers tell us, the best part is seeing the smile on the athletes faces, and all those who support them. “He’s a part of my life he really is, I enjoy doing this all the time,” says Lafferty, referring to Justin.

Truck drivers also tell us they are looking forward to having athletes accompany them on their ride next year.

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