Nat’l folk festival brought more than music, but business opportunities

SALISBURY, Md. – The National Folk Festival is wrapped up on Sunday after a weekend full of fun, music and art. Aside from the wide variety of folk music and dances from across the globe and right here in Maryland, it was also a chance for local vendors to set up shop and show off their stuff.

Business owners say they were able to connect with returning customers, and make some new ones. One vendor tells us, it was her first year at the folk festival this year and it was a perfect opportunity to grow stronger as an individual business owner, and connect with others. “This last year was hard, but it definitely pushed me to grow stronger and be a part of the community even more, because together we’re much stronger,” says Donna Lloyd, Owner of Artisan’s Aromas. She adds, “It was great to be able to see all these talents coming together, and just celebrating that.”

Lloyd also tells us, one of her favorite parts was connecting with customers through her products and their stories.

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