Furnace Town Historic Site vandalized

SNOW HILL, Md.  – Furnace Town Historic Site has announced they will be closed for at least two weeks due to damage caused by acts of vandalism that took place on their property Tuesday night.

Details of the damage remain sealed as they are part of an ongoing Maryland State Police investigation into the vandalism. Furnace Town Executive Director Claudia Nagle confirmed to 47ABC that several buildings were damaged, creating an unsafe environment at the site that required them to close down while repairs could be made.

“I came in on Wednesday morning I opened the door, and I noticed that the lights were off and that’s when I saw the damage and we kept moving from building to building and finding more and more,” she said. Nagle says the vandalism will most likely mean that school trips will not be able to visit the site as planned, as the site has a narrow window between the start of classes and the closure for the season in mid-October. Nagle told 47ABC many of the events they had planned to have had to be postponed due to clean-up.

Nagel fears that the repairs may close that window permanently for this school year, but hopes that activities on weekends may still be able to happen.

“Usually on a weekend when we are open we would have a demonstration of the blacksmiths or demonstrations of the woodworking or broom making, when people come here they get a sense of the history and crafts of those who lived here and we can’t do any of it because the buildings have to be repaired before we can put people in them,” she said.

She says a wedding that was scheduled to take place this weekend will continue using the outdoor space at the site, with no access to the interiors of the damaged buildings.

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