4Troy foundation’s community day brings awareness to RMC

GEORGETOWN, Del. – On Saturday, the community gathered for the annual second 4Troy community day. We’re told the day was more than just enjoying each others company, it was to remember Troy Hanes Jr. and the legacy he left behind. “We make sure that we never forget Troy is here and was here and he will always be here,” says Mary Ross, Hayne’s aunt and Godmother.

It’s been two years since Sussex County lost a beloved athlete, Troy Hanes Jr. After Haynes lost his battle to kidney cancer, we’re told his family found a way to bring something positive from his passing. “Even though things happen that we don’t necessarily agree with, we don’t necessarily understand, there are things like this foundation that these community days show the good in people and the support like a community like ours can have,” says Chase Marvil, a board member with the 4Troy foundation.

The foundation is dedicated to bringing awareness to Renal Medullary Carcinoma (RMC), a rare kidney disease that claimed Hayne’s life back in 2019. Now, organizers and family members tell 47 ABC, the foundation has accumulated thousands of dollars in the efforts to research, and hopefully find a cure for the disease. “I would never wish that on anybody else to have to go through that so if there’s anything that we could possibly do to try to help another family during this time,” says Ross.

Although Hayne’s family says this won’t bring him back, the success from the foundation has carried out his legacy. The foundation also mentors young students, gives scholarships to young student-athletes, and assists families going through the disease. However, Marvil tells us, “But there is definitely a legacy that is around everything in Sussex County Delaware and even the nation.”

With Troy’s legacy still living in the lives he touched, his family says he can never be forgotten. “Troy is always going to be a part of us so we want him to always be a part of the community,” says Ross. She adds, “I think that’s another thing that keeps us together and why we keep coming around and coming together, because that’s what he wanted, he wanted his family together.”

Those with the 4Troy foundation also says, they are working on planning a golf tournament to raise money for RMC kidney cancer research some time in October.

If you want to find out more about Hayne’s story and the foundation, just visit their website.

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