Weather Tidbits: Heat Dangers II

The differences between heat stroke and heat exhaustion are check out in this Weather Tidbits.  Symptoms on the head differ with feeling faint or dizzy during heat exhaustion while during a heat stroke, you will feel a throbbing headache. Excessive sweating is associated with heat exhaustion while no sweating is involved with a heat stroke. Your skin will be cool, pale & clammy with heat exhaustion but a heat stroke will consist of red, hot & dry skin. Both dangers will have the same symptom of nausea and vomiting. The pulse will be rapid for both dangers; but its intensities differ with a weak one during a heat exhaustion and a strong one in a heat stroke. Muscle cramps are common in heat exhaustion; while you may lose consciousness in a heat stroke. If you experience or someone you know has heat exhaustion; get to a cool, air conditioned place, drink water, if conscious and take a cool shower or use cold compress. If it’s a heat stroke, call 911.

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