Weather Tidbits: Heat Advisory Criteria

This Weather Tidbits tells you what is the minimum for heat advisory for your state. The lowest criteria for a heat advisory is in New England with a minumum heat index of 95°. Parts of the Rockies in Colorado & Wyoming where its 100° but 95° in the mountains. A large area from New Jersey & New York to the Northern Plains including most of the Great Lakes; but also parts of New Mexico in the south & Wyoming have the heat index criteria of 100°. A heat advisory is issued at 105° from here on Delmarva to Iowa & Chicago in the north, to parts of New Mexico and Middle Georgia in the south. A minimum heat index of 108° includes all of Florida; along the 1-10 corridor through San Antonio for a heat advisory. Lastly, a 110° heat index covers parts of Texas & Oklahoma out west and parts of eastern Georgia & most of South Carolina to the east.


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