The Brightside: Wolf Moon Dogs

SALISBURY, Md. – One local dog trainer is doing more than just teaching sit and stay. She’s using yoga techniques and methods to tap into a deeper part of the dog, to change their entire life, and their owner’s.

Alana McGeehan is not your typical dog trainer.

“Obedience is great and super useful, but having a dog that can learn how to cycle itself down and can just exist, and be that calm, healthy state of mind instead of being super anxious, worked up or stressed out, is a big part of what we focus on,” said McGeehan

Instead of just teaching sit, stay, and roll over, Alana, the owner of Wolf Moon Dogs, teaches pups how to tap into their own minds and their own nervous systems.

I tend to look at the dog holistically, the whole picture of the dog, like what’s going on with them, are they insecure. I try to get more to the root of the issue, rather than just putting a bandaid over it with obedience,” McGeehan said.

She does that by using techniques she’s learned through yoga, including mindfulness, which might sound a bit odd to use on a dog. But she says when you take that holistic approach to these four-legged friends, you learn what they need to be self-serving and content.

“Eventually, the goal is to have our dogs be able to exist without being in commands all the time, so I feel like when you teach the dog a more healthy state of mind, they’re able to self-regulate, they’re able to make better decisions on their own, rather than always having to have someone telling them what to do,” she adds.

And she says by tapping into that deeper part of a dog’s mind, the changes in a one-anxious or standoffish dog, can be incredible.

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