NAACP Branches calling for change in a letter, in relation to viral June OC boardwalk arrests

EASTERN SHORE- The Eastern Shore Coalition of NAACP Branches is calling for action from the Town of Ocean City.

The Coalition calling for change in the form of a list of recommendations for both the town and the police department.

This in relation to the viral June boardwalk arrests where police were seen using a taser on a teen and getting combative after one of them refused to comply with the towns vaping ordinance.

The recommendations came out of a July 19 meeting where civil rights leaders spoke with the Mayor and council about the incidents.

And were sent in a letter to both the Mayor and the Council Monday night.

Among the recommendations is immediately placing the officers involved on administrative leave.

And asking for Ocean City Police Chief to request an independent investigation into the officer’s conduct within 10 days.

They’re also asking the town to review and implement best practices in ways to recruit and retain businesses of color in the town, within those 10 days as well.

“You have various groups of diverse people coming to Ocean City and everybody who comes to Ocean City should feel welcomed and safe, and I can tell you based upon that video that I saw, I have not come to Ocean City at all this year because of that incident,” Richard Potter, the Talbot County NAACP Branch President, said.

The Eastern Shore Coalition of NAACP Branches said they hope their letter is met with a sense of urgency.

Because as Talbot County NAACP Branch President Richard Potter said time and time again law enforcement have used forced when it comes to African Americans and Black people and it has to stop.

Now, with the letter in the hands of the Council and Mayor, the coalition hopes that the they recognize change needs to take place and that conversations are needed.

Mayor Rick Meehan agrees that more conversations need to be had.

“I thank those who were there last night to keep this moving forward, you know dialogue is important and its important to continue dialogue and not just to talk about and just to do it, and that’s what our goal is,” Mayor Rick Meehan said.

Mayor Meehan said they have had two internal meetings to discuss some of the issues that the coalition has brought up.

He said there is a scheduled meeting for September 16 with local NAACP members.

However, he added that Monday night the coalition asked to move that meeting sooner, so they are going to look into that.

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