More restrictions could be seen by restaurants in the future, business community discusses possibility

MARYLAND- The business community and restaurants officials met to discuss what the future may look like with cases rising because of the Delta variant.

Restrictions have been changing recently with many places considering possible mask mandates.

With so much up in the air right now on what operation could look like down the road there’s definitely concerns from the businesses.

Especially, because restaurants have worked hard to get to a point of not having people wear masks.

During this meeting, there were various topics on the table.

Like replenishing federal restaurant relief funds, possible mask mandates, and vaccine requirements for restaurant staff and customers.

Bill Chambers, CEO and founder of the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce, said he thinks businesses have had it and they don’t want to go backwards.

“There’s a growing fear with these vaccinations and mandates returning that’s unfortunately the politics of whats become restrictions and I hope we don’t return to winners and losers, which is where we were for 18 months,” Chambers said.

Also, during the meeting it was said an overwhelming majority of restaurants said they don’t like the idea of having to deal with fake vaccinations, and if there would be a future liability held against them if they don’t check things properly.

This also raises the question on whether or not their staff is even educated enough to verify if people have been vaccinated.

Susan Jones, Executive Director of the Ocean City Hotel Motel Restaurant Association, said after talking with restaurant owners she doesn’t know if there would be a lot of rules followers if mandates and restrictions are put back into place.

“They don’t necessarily care what the mask mandate is for our county they aren’t going to be the mask police, they are not going to subject their employees to being the mask police, where they are over it, their vaccinated, their people are vaccinated,” Jones said.

We are told that some restaurants are saying they will only be open to people that are vaccinated.

Also, we’re told while wearing masks may not be ideal some restaurants would rather wear masks than be closed.

Now, when it comes to Replenishing federal restaurant relief funds it was said that in Maryland two thirds of the people who applied did not receive funding.

That’s why they said Maryland’s US Senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen are advocating to pass a bill to get more funding for restaurants.

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