Mid-Shore Pro Bono looking for help providing equal access to civil justice for all


Mid-Shore Pro Bono is launching a call to action to help with the influx of civil legal needs. The nonprofit offers free legal services up and down the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They’ve worked hand in hand with the Attorney Generals’ Covid-19 access to justice task force.

Executive Director Sandy Brown says, “all the legal service provides in the state are struggling with a huge need and not enough lawyers to meet that need and lawyers are also busy, and lawyers are overwhelmed.”

That’s why Brown is asking for your help.

She says, “to the extent that we can engage more lawyers in helping, if it’s a consult or a clinic or going to rent court and especially taking a case for direct rep, is really the message we’re trying to get out.”

ESPB Managing Attorney Meredith Girard says, “so what we’re looking for is for attorneys, practicing attorneys, retired attorneys, really any attorneys who are interested in giving back to the community, we need their help.”

Girard says even if it’s not your field of study, they can train you. Even paralegals, or other volunteers who can help with paperwork or translating documents. But they say there are other ways to help too.

“If you don’t have time that you can commit we’re always looking for our legal community to support us through donations as well,” says Girard.

MSPB values all forms of donations and welcomes financial contributions to support equal access to civil justice for all.
● $25 – covers one application fee for a client in need
● $50 – covers filing fees/legal fees
● $250 – covers a free legal consultation
● $500 – covers preparation of all legal documents, including Wills, Power of Attorney and Advance Directives
● $2,500 – covers full representation in court

At the end of the day though, donating even just a little bit of your time can make a huge difference for so many struggling right now.

Girard says, “so if you’re looking for a way to give back and to provide something really meaning in the community, this is a really wonderful way to do it.”

To learn more about volunteering or donating to Mid-Shore Pro Bono, click here.

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