Mail delays are being addressed, and slowly improving

DELMARVA – This time last year, sending out a piece of mail could take days, weeks and even months to get to it’s destination, causing an uproar in the community. Now officials say they’re addressing the problem, and they hope to put the ‘service’ back in postal service. “So last year and a half has taken a toll on many businesses as well, and the United States Postal Service was no different,” says Gary Vaccarella, the USPS Delaware District Manager.
It’s no secret that getting mail this past year has been nothing short, of stressful. “Of all the issues that are raised in my offices in Wilmington, Dover, and Georgetown, the ones we hear the most concerns and complaints about has been over the last year, postal service,” says U.S. Senator Tom Carper.
Some residents tell us, important mail such as bills and medications would take extended periods of times to get to and from. “With the COVID in 2020, things were much slower,  things didn’t arrive on time,” says a Milton resident, Pam Glinka. Her husband, Gary Glinka adds, “We had to wait sometimes at 8:00 at night before we got our mail, that’s crazy.”
However, Sen. Carper says, he’s passionate about getting people their mail, and they’re prepared in Congress to address the issues through legislation to make sure residents don’t have to experience this type of service anymore.  “Delayed mail, slow mail, and the postal service can do better than that, we’re going to insist that we put that into our law,” states Sen. Carper.
Although residents tell 47 ABC the service has improved, a new concern on the horizon is peak season; the holidays. Officials from USPS say, they’re predicting a larger peak season this year which could affect prices, but it’s a part of the efforts to recover from the pandemic. “But we are recovering, we are focused on the future, we are focused on improving service and performance through our post master general’s “Delivering for America” 10 year plan,” says Vaccarella. Milton resident, Gary adds, “Today is much better, consistent, and we’re quite happy with it at this moment.”
Those with USPS say they are expecting to be very busy as they continue to return to normal operations, but like other businesses, they are still battling worker shortages. They also tell us to stay in contact with your local post office to check up on updates of mail, packages, and pricing.
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