Easton Carriage Tours trotting through town, history

EASTON, Md. – It’s no secret that Delmarva has towns that are packed full of history, and now there’s a very unique way to see all of that history in Easton and get an experience you won’t forget.

“I love my horses and what I really love is sharing my horses with other people,” Jessica Tanglao, the owner of Easton Carriage Tours, said.

Jessica  has been sharing her horses with the people of Easton for a few months now, guiding them on a horse-drawn carriage through the historic town.

“The carriage tour of Easton is a narrated, historic, horse-drawn tour, it’s about an hour long, we go over the history of Talbot county, which dates back to the 1660s, and go all the way up through modern times,” she explained.

Good Morning Delmarva’s Deana Harley and Meteorologist Sloane Haines got to hop on the carriage led by Dancer and Savannah, trotting down Washington Street, South Street, and all over, learning about Easton’s packed history.

“We come through downtown, we talk about the Tide Water Inn, which is like the gateway to the Eastern Shore, and we also go out and talk about the Spring Hill Cemetery, which is a very interesting cemetery, it’s one of very few in the country that has veterans from every war that the U.S. has fought in,” Jessica said.

While our crew certainly learned a lot about the town, Deana and Sloane also got a chance to get to know the horses, feeding them treats, petting them, even taking selfies with them. And Jessica says that’s what’s most important to her, letting people build a connection with the horses.

“I let my customers feed them and interact with them, let the kids pet them, take pictures with them, I really want people to get good horse experience when they come on the carriage tours,” she said.

While Deana and Sloane had the pleasure of being carried by Dancer and Savannah, Jessica says they aren’t the only two horses that’ll be making their way through town in the near future.

“I have two other horses that are in training as carriage horses, one of them is now doing work in town, and the other one will probably start later on in the Fall, she needs a couple more months,” she said.

With even more four-legged friends soon joining the team, Jessica says she’s just excited to offer the rides to the community.

“There’s nothing that gives me more satisfaction than seeing little kids really happy and really excited to pet the horses and feeding them, just seeing that interaction is amazing,” she said.

if you’re interested in booking a ride, you can find the schedule online. Jessica says she often books weddings, birthday parties, or just people looking to find something fun to do in Easton.

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