Cookie’s Paper Petals celebrates one year in business, with an expansion announcement



MILFORD, Del. – One business in downtown Milford, ‘Cookie’s Paper Petals,’ celebrated their one year anniversary since opening during the pandemic. Cookie’s Paper Petals brought Eastern Shore’s first paper florist. Her ability to thrive through this pandemic, even captured the attention of U.S. Congresswoman, Lisa Blunt-Rochester. “To see this story of hope and resilience but also to really be an example to others who want to be entrepreneurs and business owners, and also just to again celebrate expansion as we would say, she’s blooming she’s planted.”

Business owner Anastasia Jackson tells us, one year in and business is doing so well, she’s now able to expand. On Saturday. she opened her new space to the public.

Jackson tells 47 ABC, people will now be able to purchase a membership for $40 a month to gain access to a new work space above her shop, use of the cricket machine, heat press and other creative tools so they too can get in on the flower making action, while also helping her grow her business. “I just want to get people to start, if you can’t have the machines because of the pandemic people are struggling so I have the resources so I’m willing to bless somebody else and let them have the resources as well,” says Jackson.

Her anniversary event gave her friends, family, and supporters a chance to congratulate her for her hard work during an unprecedented time. “I can’t even express how excited I am to be able to have this,” says Jackson. She adds, “I’m just honored as a small business owner to be able to have the support it means so much.”

Meanwhile, city officials like the Mayor Archie Campbell and others joined the festivities of the day and commented on a small business adding to the town’s artistic reputation. Sara Pletcher, Economic Development and Community Engagement administrator for the city of Milford tells us, “It’s just wonderful to watch somebody’s dream come true and for them to be able to do it in our town.” She adds, “That means were expanding and we’re growing, walls are breaking down and we’re going to be on those main street kind of mentality.”

Jackson also tells us, she hopes to open numerous shops in the future, and is even in the works of opening one in another state.

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