Young girls give away more than 500 books at Nanticoke Riverfest event

DELAWARE- Two young Delaware girls are on a mission to continue providing school supplies and books to the community.

HEY SIS was started to reach local Head Start children and give them tools they need to succeed.

While they have collected books in the past, they recently just attended their first Nanticoke Riverfest event where they gave away over 500 books.

They said this is a big accomplishment for them and have dreams of expanding their work in the future.

“Me and Melanie are helping make a difference and give people the gift of reading cause honestly being able to read is one of the most magical things being able to give that gift to someone is really amazing,” Amelia Kramer, VP of HEY SIS, said.

“We decided to do this also because we realized that some people might not have transportation to go to the library or sometimes you have to buy the books, so we were just like some people may not have the money to,” Melanie Dasher, Creator of HEY SIS, said.

We are told in the future they want to have a pageant start working on getting school supplies for older kids, as well as the homeless.

They will also be at Blades Night out on August 3rd and at the Laurel library.

Those dates are still to be set.

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