Worcester Commissioners vote to approve appraisal for possible sports complex property

WORCESTER COUNTY- A 5 to 2 vote at a recent Worcester County Commissioners meeting is helping to move forward a possible sports complex in the county.

But not without some mixed opinions.

“I think there are a number of factors that need to be discussed and addressed and I suspect we will have those conversations,” Chip Bertino, a Worcester County Commissioner, said.

“I think it would be huge for the county,” Joe Mitrecic, Worcester County Commissioner President, said.

At that meeting, officials voted to approve a second appraisal for property that’s being considered.

So far, I’m told the owner of the property has already done an initial appraisal, but a second one is needed to receive money for the project.

“We’ll have to do our own appraisal to get the second one that will allow us to apply for project open space money, which will fund the purchase price at 100 percent,” Mitrecic said.

Mitrecic said he thinks adding a sports complex could be beneficial in many ways.

“I think this is a huge revenue generator, as I said before I think we could be the amateur sports capital of the East Coast,” Mitrecic said.

“Any revenue that’s generated would help offset the tax bill,” Mitrecic said.

Bertino agrees that economic development is important for the county.

But, he said he has concerns about the possible project.

Like, making sure it’s privately funded.

“The county tax payers should not be funding it, the ongoing operations of it,” Bertino said.

“It’s estimated that we’ve been told hundreds, if not thousands of people to the area for these different sporting events and that’s all well and good but I don’t think the people of Ocean Pines are going to appreciate additional backups along 589 that we already have,” Bertino said.

While we are told more discussions need to be had, Mitrecic said they are taking each hurdle as it comes.

Bertino said while this project is estimated to bring many people to the area for different sporting events, he is worried about where they would stay and if they would need to develop additional infrastructure.

Mitrecic said in August he’s trying to get a management company up to meet commissioners to see what they have to offer.

Also, he said he hopes Ocean City partners with them, saying they indicated they want to build an indoor complex on the possible site.

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