Get Prepared for July: A Look at the Month’s Climate

Now that June is over and July is in full swing; what can Delmarva expect during the 1st full month of summer? This blog explores those expectations ranging from temperature, precipitation, daylight and even the tropics.

July Almanac

July is the warmest month of the year across the peninsula. Salisbury’s new climate normals which were released back in May; start the month off at 87° for its average high until the 5th. The majority of July sees its hottest average high of 88°, which starts on the 6th & ends on the 24th. The month concludes with an average high of 87°. However, the month does see on average at least 10 days with temperatures in the 90s.

Lows on the other hand have a slightly larger range of 2°, starting at 67° for the 1st 2 days of the month. An average low of 68° is in store from the 3rd to the 10th but also late in the month starting on the 26th. The 11th through the 25th, see the warmest average low of the year at 69°. While the average lows are in the upper 60s; about a third of July experiences lows in the 70s.

July is also the 2nd wettest month of the year in Salisbury at 4.73″; just trailing August, but sees an increase of 0.7″ from June. What makes July’s rainfall unique is that the daily average amount increases throughout the entire month. During the 1st 5 days, the normal daily amount is either 0.12″-0.13″; while by July 31st, the average daily amount is 0.20″. The chance of pop-up thunderstorms, along with any tropical disturbance or moisture; keep the average daily rain chance around 33%.

Hd Hurricaneclimojuly

The tropics during the month of July have a few likely areas of development; such as the Lesser Antilles, the Southeast & Gulf Coast. Also storms can travel longer paths in this month, as the Atlantic waters have warmed up farther out. July is also the 1st month of hurricane season where Delmarva could see a likely impact or development of a tropical storm or hurricane.

July Times

Daylight in July remains long despite the summer solstice taking place in June; with each day seeing more than 14 hours. However, the days do being to shorten but it’s a small change; with a total loss of 39 minutes from the 1st to the 31st.  The amount of daylight loss on the 1st is less than 35 seconds, but by the 31st, it nears 1 minute and 50 seconds; averaging about an extra 2 to 3 seconds each day. Sunrises for most of the month occur before 6 AM until the 26th; while sunsets take place past 8:10 PM each day.

Overall on Delmarva during the month of July, expect very warm to hot temperatures, with an umbrella on standby and just a little less sunlight each day. For the latest weather conditions, stay tuned with our Storm Team. Have a great July, Delmarva!

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