Weather Tidbits: Hurricane Climatology II

The peak months of hurricane season of August & September are the main focus of this Weather Tidbits. Warmer waters of the Atlantic extend further east; triggering disturbances to originate as far east as Africa.  These tracks are long and extend to the Gulf Coast, Florida, or off the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. August overall has a big spike in development and paths, with almost every state except New Hampshire and Maine being likely,  Florida through the Carolinas are more likely for development or being in its paths. while likely areas extend into parts of Canada especially Nova Scotia. More likely areas also dominate the Yucatan channel & Hispaniola; with the Leeward islands and Puerto Rico being mostly likely to be in the crosshairs of development and/or its paths.

September is the peak of hurricane season, with a vast area of most likely development or paths to be over the western Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico & between the Eastern Seaboard and Bermuda. Paths still can originate from Africa but can veer off in more ways than one; with fish storms over the North Atlantic with no impact to land, or continue on a path towards the Bahamas & Florida. Also, storms over the western Caribbean can likely impact Mexico twice by moving through the Yucatan. Lastly, tracks over the central Gulf Coast and Florida follow a similar paths to June’s over the Carolinas.

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