U.S. Congress considering eight major projects to be approved in Delaware

DELAWARE – The U.S. Congress is considering a bill that would approve funding for eight major projects in the state. Something U.S. Congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester says, is a necessity as we come out of the pandemic.

One of the major projects up for discussion is $17.5 million for the Delaware National Guard to upgrade one of their hangers. Among the other projects are upgrades to the Richard Allen School of Excellence, addressing small business development through Delaware State University, and body worn cameras for law enforcement.

Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester tells us, it also ties in with the Break the Cycle of Violence bill involving group violence intervention, and hospital intervention. “This is a time where we’re coming through a pandemic and people also need hope and they need things to go to as we come out of it,” says Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester. She adds, “So we’re really proud of the projects that have been submitted and we’re hopeful that next year that were able to even receive more and be able to get more through the funding process as well.”

We’re told the appropriations bill will be voted on in the house of representatives next week. From there, it will go to the Senate for discussion.

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