Sussex County native garnering national attention

Dani Dennis-Sutton holds over 30 major D1 football offers

SALISBURY, Md- One Delmarva native has become a household name in college football-crazed towns like Tuscaloosa, Athens, and State College.

Dani Dennis-Sutton is a 6-foot 5, 250 pound five-star defensive end in the Class of 2022. According to, Dennis-Sutton is the 11th ranked prospect in the entire country.

While he’s blown up nationally, the Lower Delaware native got his football start in Laurel area Pop Warner program.

Mother Tishon Dennis said even back then, they saw a prospective future. “Dani was always the big guy on the team. So yeah we thought early on Dani’s got great potential.”

After completing elementary and middle school in Sussex County, Dennis-Sutton’s parents made the decision to send him to boarding school at football powerhouse McDonough (Owings Mills, MD.)

Upon completing his 9th grade season, Dennis-Sutton received his first offer from the University of Florida. “When you have a coach that believes in you, (and tells you he offers you) that’s just a big boost of confidence in itself.” said Dani.

Following the Florida offer, the recruiting floodgates opened. Dani would receive about 20 more offers in a three month span.

Since 2019, Dennis-Sutton has climbed the national ranks to what he is today with hard work. Even without a season in 2020, he continued to prepare alone. “I knew that other kids weren’t working, and other kids we’re working harder than me. So that kept me motivated.”

Dennis-Sutton has since narrowed his 30+ offers to three choices– University of Alabama, University of Georgia, and Penn State. “I can’t go wrong with either one of those schools. All of these big D1 schools have great facilities, great coaches, but I want to see where I can get the family atmosphere.”

He will make his collegiate commitment on Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

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