Small businesses ran by kids, getting a place in the business world



SALISBURY, Md. – Entrepreneurs, some as young as nine years old starting their own businesses; that was the focus of Saturday’s small business pop-up shop.  “So for them to have an outlet to be able to use their imagination, their creativity, get their energy out, I think it’s extremely important,” says Michelle Morris, pop-up shop organizer and owner of Glitz and Glam by Michelle.

Jazlyn (Jazzi) Becketts, along with others kids have been doing more than school work, they’ve been making business plans. Becketts tells us, she makes her own homemade slime and has already sold over 20 containers in just a week. “It feels like my own responsibility, so I have a responsibility for myself, says Becketts.

Other kid entrepreneurs showed off their own jewelry, baked goods, cards, keychains and much more. “My mom had started it, and then I watched her do it and then I wanted to do it and I tried it and I realized I was good at it so I decided to make a business,” says Amerie Jarmon, owner of Amerie’s Accessoires (French for accessories).

Morris tells me, it’s exciting how kids are able to take what they learn now-a-days and turn it into a profit. She says, no matter the age the pop up event goes to show that kids start early on success. “A lot of times we go into the 9 to 5 world, but they’re learning at an early age that I can just do my own thing run my own business and work for myself which is a good thing,” says Morris.

Some of the young entrepreneurs say, being able to share something they love doing while also making some money is teaching them life long lessons. However, they also tell us sometimes it’s nice just doing it for fun. “Your slime can be like different personalities and it’s pretty easy,” says Beckett. Jarmon adds, “Just trying different things and finding something new to do.”

Some of the kids we spoke with also say, they’re just enjoying the journey. :I just like to see the joy on people’s faces when they buy something because it might not just be for them, it might be like a gift that they know somebody might like or something like that,” says Jarmon.

Morris tells us, she has about three more pop-up shop’s she’s hosting, one of which will be another young entrepreneur event. She says she’s focused on creating an avenue for kids to do what they love, while also becoming successful business owners.

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