New voting machine in Delaware making it easier come next election

HARRINGTON, Del. – As Delaware prepares for the next election in 2022, they’re showcasing some new technology to make voting a little easier. They actually took advantage of the state fair, and showcased their new technology. “Get out and vote, that’s the best thing to do,” says Ralph Artigliere, the Deputy Director at Department of Elections in Kent County.

Artigliere tells 47 ABC, “It gives us the ability to not only to electronically record the votes but also now we have a paper trail so to speak because it also records on a paper ballot.” You take your voter card, stick it into a slot, make and confirm your choices, and just like that your votes are cast. “I like the way it came out and then no one could see it or touch it but me, and then it went right back in securely,” says Kimberly Farmer, a voter who participated in the simulation at the fair.

We’re told after the pandemic changed the way some of us voted, places like the DE Dept. of elections saw a need to find a way to make voting easier and more accessible to everyone. “I thought voting was more complicated than that because it’s such a big deal, but I thought it was really easy,” says Elena Farmer, a young teenager at the state fair.
Although Elena can’t vote for a few years, she tells us, she feels more comfortable knowing how simple it can be. Those with the Dept. of elections say this voting elections systems software could make sure voting remains valid and truthful. “So if there’s any discrepancy or if somebody wants to say, well that’s what the machine recorded, let’s see what the ballots recorded,” says Artigliere.

Families who participated say, there isn’t much of a learning curve with this machine, and it makes the idea of voting a lot easier. “She doesn’t have to be afraid of it her first time, or apprehensive to go and vote because of what’s in that curtain,” says Kimberly, mother of Elena. Elena adds, “So I’m Kind of excited to vote actually!”

Artigliere also tells us, they want Delawareans to feel confident and comfortable to come in vote and this will be able to help with that.

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