Heroes Capital Campaign: New projects launching for Millville VFC to update facilities

MILLVILLE, Del.- The volunteer fire company is launching a new campaign to raise money to update their facilities and equipment.

The campaign is called Heroes Capital Campaign.

The company made the announcement Monday saying their growth is needed because the town continues to grow in size and the amount of calls they are getting is increasing.

Also, they expect to be hit with more expenses as they’ll have to update facilities and apparatus in the next couple of years.

“Now, we need to meet with the times and create more bunk rooms for more staffing and also we need to upgrade our bathrooms to have shower accessible for men and women in separate bathrooms,” Gregory Hocker, President of the Millville Volunteer Fire Company, said.

“If we can keep people here, which is the goal is to make the fire house an attractive place to be then the fire truck can get on the road right away and we can get to your house right away,” Douglas Scott, Capital Campaign Chairman and Deputy Chief, said.

We are told they are planning to add dormitories for a new live-in program.

They also are looking at getting 2 new engines.

They said their goal is to raise $2 million dollars.

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