Harrington community left picking up the mess after Thursday tornado

HARRINGTON, Del.- After Thursday evenings tornado ripped through Harrington, trees and debris were left everywhere, and now some locals are left picking up the pieces.

“Everybody was pretty shook up about it and luckily I had a lot of friends and family that came we probably had almost 100 people here after it happened cleaning up trees, Kenny Vincent, owner of K L Vincent Welding Service, said.

“We secured all utilities and power to all the structures involved to make sure there’s not going to be any hazards due to the damage in the area,” Chief Robbie  Brode, of the Harrington Fire Company, said.

I’m told by Chief Brode and Vincent that the tornado came quickly through Harrington, and along South DuPont Highway.

Dragging with it high winds, lots of rain, and dark clouds.

And even wiping out corn fields in its way.

“It looks like a train or a roller ran through there and it’s just a flat path that headed right through here,” Vincent said.

“My wife and secretary and a couple of employees were still in the building and they said it was loud like a train coming through here,” Vincent said.

Vincent said the strong winds even took off part of the roof on his business.

Adding that him and his employees are losing a day of work, just to pick up the mess the storm left.

“I called the guy who built this building for me and I asked him to get here as soon as possible to get the building covered back up and he did,” Vincent said.

“So we are losing today, I’ve got my guys out here cleaning up the parking lot, but I think we will back operating Tuesday morning,” Vincent said.

But the silver lining in this,  is that Chief Robbie Brode told us that the impact could have been worse.

Had this storm happened just a few weeks later.

“So, it was a blessing that the fair wasn’t going on at that point in time because that could’ve made for another major catastrophic event should there have been patrons on the ground, also the rides and you know the campers with the livestock,” Chief Brode said.

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