Getting vaccinated, and having fun

SEAFORD, Del. – Communities are starting to come back together again after a difficult year and a half and Sussex County is no exception to that.

Getting people vaccinated, that was the point of Saturday’s event but more importantly, we’re told it was about bringing the youth together again. “Last year it was very depressing we couldn’t go out the kids really spent a year right inside of the house can you imagine as a kid,” says Dr. Nadya Julien, Owner of Tabitha Medical Care.

Saturday, residents got a chance to continue in the fight against COVID by getting free vaccinations all while having fun, playing games and eating food. “So we’re pushing were educating about the COVID vaccination and at the same time we’re having fun we’re getting the stress down,” says Dr. Julien.

dr. Julien also tells us, with delta variant cases rising, they’re pushing now more than ever to get everyone vaccinated. However, they say what’s even more important is giving families and friends of all ages a chance to be with each other again, because they’re what makes the community thrive. “It feels really good because usually I’m just stuck being home and we’re all quarantined now we’re just around like actual people now,” says a kid at the event and community member, Magaly Perez. Another young community member, Asher Brizou adds, “It makes me happy and it kind of helps people get along too.”

Some of the kids at the event tell us, this past year really created challenges for them “For COVID it’s been hard, all the computers was hard. I’d rather go to school, I learn better but it’s been hard,” says Brizou.

However, seeing the community work to return to normal is something they say should be celebrated. “I love that that they actually try and bring us all together by doing different activities and involving everyone,” says Perez.

Those with Tabitha Medical Care also tells us, they have many events planned including a back to school event next month. We’re told it will focus on mental health awareness.

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