DSU finalizes historical plans on Wesley college acquisition

DOVER, Del. – University officials say this is the greatest real estate transaction in the history of Delaware. They tell us, to see their plans really come together to combine the University and college is historical. Their academic plans for students were well thought out, with success in mind. “Really what we’re doing is preserving a rich legacy and building capacity for the future of Delaware State University,” says Tony Allen, President of Delaware State University.

An historic moment for the first state as DSU set the plans for opening their health-themed academic college on downtown DSU campus, or previously known as Wesley’s campus. “Our vision is to be the most diverse, substantive contemporary HBCU’s in the country and that starts with doing things like this in a big way,” says Allen.

We’re told this addition brought major news not only to the state, but to students at both Wesley and DSU. For college and University administrators, they say they’ve been working tirelessly for this moment. “Looking at ways we can streamline the process and make it a seamless process for the students so it also has been great and very collaborative,” says Dean of Health and Behavior Sciences, Gwendolyn Scott-Jones.

Allen tells us, they adopted all 14 of the academic programs at Wesley and 60% of their staff will also join. He says, more importantly 100% of Wesley students will pay less at DSU than what they were paying. Although they may not have Wesley scholarships, Allen says the university has enough money to cover the costs.
He adds that it’s important students who choose to stay at DSU won’t be financially burdened. “So to be able to do that and preserve our brand and celebrate the Wesley brand is something that’s huge for us, and we think is a model for the nation,” says Allen.

Administrators say, the legacy of Wesley will live on and this process will only make DSU a staple for the state of Delaware. “I do believe that Delaware State University will be doing some monumental things here in the community and for the citizens of Delaware,” says Scott-Jones. “Teamwork is great work, and Delaware state has the motto, the power of we, and we’re going to start with that.”

Scott-Jones also Wesley college juniors and seniors will use Wesley curriculum and use DSU courses. Meanwhile freshman and sophomores will use DSU’s curriculum. They say this process was really about making the transition as seamless as possible for both students and faculty because that’s who it’s going to affect the most at the end of the day, and they believe their finalized plans currently achieve that goal.

City officials like Dover Mayor, Robin Christiansen as well as two state legislators attended the event virtually and say they’re both excited to see what comes of this change.

As a reminder, DSU will open in the fall with their new downtown campus.

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