Delaware Racial Justice Collaborative announces new director, pushing for racial and social justice


DELAWARE.- In Delaware, a local organization is continuing it’s advocacy efforts with a new woman in charge.

The Delaware Racial Justice Collaborative announced Raina Harper Allen as the new director.

The organization’s goal is to eliminate systematic racism in public and private organizations in all of Delaware.

After the last year, we’re told their efforts became even more crucial for protecting community members.

Allen says that her focus in this new role is pushing for more legislation and for more education. “I’m just so passionate about valuing the lives of people of color, their contributions, and findings ways to empower these communities,” said Harper-Allen.

“If its gonna happen, its got to happen right now. The window is like this and its closing. So I’m super excited to be apart of this movement”

Harper is a native of Delaware getting her education in Wilmington and has worked in numerous positions pushing for racial and social justice.

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