Delaware man making strides for more accessibility at Del. State Fair

HARRINGTON, Del.- Jarrett Butler is only 22-years-old and already doing big things.

He’s been going to the Delaware State Fair for years – and saw a need to make it more comfortable for people with disabilities.

“I just wanted to do this for all of the handicapped people with developmental and physical disabilities because I may be in a wheelchair but deep down we are all citizens,” Jarrett Butler, advocate, said.

“It was very difficult to freshen up or take care of some things for Jarrett, I would have to go into the women’s shower and have my daughter guard the door,” Janet Butler, Jarrett’s mother, said.

Jarrett started to advocate for change a couple of years ago, like improving the handicapped-accessible restrooms and adding a handicap trolley.

And on his journey for improvement, he met with representatives and the Delaware State Fair President – and his voice was heard.

“It’s always a funding challenge when we are looking at requesting dollars from the state process, we did pick up and advocate and Representative Valerie Longhurst who was very influential,” Lyndon Yearick, Delaware Representative, 34th District, said. The Delaware State Fair now has made those changes-

A milestone that was celebrated by many Thursday at the fair.

“It just shows the power of what one person can do, one person Jarrett butler led to these projects happening and he’s a great example, and a great testimonial for everybody that your actions can make a difference, “Yearick said.

Janet Butler says seeing his accomplishments and the support he’s received to make this happen is emotional.

“I am so proud, I’m very proud it brings tears to my eyes, my father who has been down here forever too, he’s looking down at him and he’s very proud,” Janet Butler, said.

“Pop-pop will be proud of me,” Jarrett Butler said.

And while Jarrett made his mark he said that work doesn’t stop here.

“I will continue to come down here, look at my plaque every time and remind myself to be an advocate,” Jarrett Butler said.

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