Del. Tech receives grant to expand community health programming, job placement at core


DELAWARE, – Delaware Technical Community College has plans to expand their Community Health Worker Program thanks to a grant from Bank of America.

The funding allows 20 students the opportunity to complete the program for free.

The grant is part of a 4-year $250,000 commitment that Bank of America made in 2019.

The $62,000 third installment allows the college to expand the program to all 4 for their campuses.

Officials say that the need came from the program’s growth after the pandemic highlighted the need for workers in the field. “These workers are trusted members of the communities that they serve and they usually share ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, and life experiences with other members of the community,” said Vice President for Institutional Effective and Development Judi Sciple.

The last two years of funding were directed towards high demand workforce needs including the Heavy Equipment Operating Training program.

Faculty say when looking to fill these programs they actively recruit from the unemployed and underemployed populations.

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