Crafters excited to return and showcase their projects

HARRINGTON, Del. – Members from all across Delaware can showcase vegetables, crafts, art, and much more at the annual craft show at the state fair, something crafters say they were missing last year.

We’re told the craft show didn’t have much to show last year due to the pandemic. However this year, people came and made up for lost time.

Those with the vegetable department in particular say, they really felt the increase in showmanship. Between squash, watermelon, zucchini, and other produce, it’s almost like things are back to normal and people can really showcase what they’ve been working on for a year.

According to a long-time member of the vegetable department, this year means a lot to her to be back doing what she loves. “We just love everybody, everybody as much as you can enter, we want you to enter,” says Summer, Assistant Superintendent of the vegetable department. She adds, “The fair is a big part of our family, and this building. We’ve always been with the vegetables, it hasn’t always been in this building, but we’ve been in dirt so we’ve been everywhere so that’s definitely our family.”

Summer also tells 47 ABC, the turnout so far in just two days is more than all of last year at the fair. You can check out some of the crafts and vegetables at the state fair through next Saturday.

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