Beebe Healthcare leading state with first Hospital at Home Program

DELAWARE- Beebe Healthcare is paving the way as they recently became the first healthcare system in the state to offer a Hospital at Home Program.

The Program will allow patients to be treated for their medical condition in the comfort of their own home, instead of inpatient care.

Physicians and nurses will go to the homes several times a day for visits.

They will provide services like medication care and IV care.

Patients will also be connected with the hospitals command center through video and audio connection.

Monitoring equipment will be available as well so nurses can look at things like oxygen levels from the hospital.

“It is giving us an opportunity for patients to be in a more comfortable environment,” Loretta Ostroski, Assistant Vice President of Nursing at Beebe Healthcare, said. “It gives them a little bit more at their own pace, it gives great one to one interaction with the nurse provider and allows their family to be very engaged also if their family lives with them.”

We’re told patients have to give consent for this meet specific criteria and diagnosis.

And they do hope to expand their services in the future.

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