Appropriations bill to help rebuild the New Castle Building to better serve ag departments

HARRINGTON, Del. – Agriculture, one of the most important industries in Delaware is garnering some extra attention. We’re told a massive appropriations bill providing over $900,000 in funding is circulating in Congress which would make way for projects in the state, like creating a new spot to host events at the fairgrounds. “To be able to do something that is also going to be able to support our youth and the future, not just in the industry but our state is a win-win,” says U.S. Congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester.

Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester stopped at the state fair on Friday to talk about plans for the new building and other agriculture-related projects. She tells us, the building would replace the New Castle building with one that mimics the Delmarva building, to be a year-round facility to host events for community members and more importantly, FFA and 4H clubs. “So having like a public place at the state fair here is vital for us to be able to run as an organization cause we’re always looking for those spots,” says Kendall Betts, president of FFA. Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester adds, “Part of what we’re trying to do is create healthy, thriving communities, families and look out for our economy as well.”

Those with 4H and FFA tell 47 ABC their focus is not only on helping students, but creating future leaders throughout the state, whether it be through agriculture or other industries. This new building could give both clubs and many other organizations a chance to host the events to do just that. “So it’s perfect for not only our state but our county and our club members to be able to use something like this to just come together,” says Brielle Carter, Vice President of 4H.

Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester says, she’s more than happy to push for a better way to serve the youth of Delaware. “It’s family, it’s economy, it is all of our well-being, our health. sS for me it’s kind of the intersection of all of those things.”

Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester also tells us, she has a lot of projects in the works that go along with this bill, and she’s dedicated to helping build up the community and economy throughout the state of Delaware.

The appropriations bill will be voted on in the house of representatives next week. From there, it will go to the Senate for discussion.

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