Animal experts warn to be mindful of pets during the heat wave

SALISBURY, Md. – Animal experts are asking community members to be mindful of your furry friend.

Those at the Humane Society of Wicomico say, the heat can cause harm to your animal and especially dogs. “People will think that just because the windows are cracked, it’s not fine even if it’s just for a few short minutes its not,” says Megan Koester, Event and Community Relations Coordinator.

We’re told they should only be outside in small increments, kept hydrated, and never left unattended inside of cars. They say short haired dogs, and dogs with white fur are more susceptible to sunburn.

Koester also tells us, summer time brings an up tick in animals getting loose. So they ask pet owners to be careful leaving doors and windows open. “If you don’t have AC and choose to leave your windows open, if your dog is not neutered your dog can jump through that screen to try to find a female, so be mindful of that,” says Koester.

If you have any questions or concerns about your animals, contact the humane society of Wicomico at (410)-749-7603.

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