14 year old entrepreneur starts her own makeup line, Glossi Glam Cosmetics

SALISBURY, Md. – During the pandemic, 14 year old Zy’rihana (Zy) Robinson while doing distance learning, decided to start her own cosmetic line. She came up with the idea of creating her own lip care line when she was only 12 years old, and now her line, ‘Glossi Glam Cosmetics,’ has really blossomed. “It makes me feel independent because I can do a lot of things that people my age can’t do,” says Zy. She adds, “When I go to pop-up shops, and I see smaller kids my age buying stuff and asking me how I did it, it does make me feel good.”

A jack of all trades, Zy tells us she’s into gymnastics, baking, hair care and of course make up. However, she says her true desire to create her own cosmetic lip care line came about during COVID. She says it wasn’t a walk in the park to begin however. “Sometimes there will be months where I wouldn’t get any orders in and I think that’s for every business,” says Zy. She adds, “Sometimes it gets un motivating when I have to keep telling myself, keep pushing.”

Now she says, with the help of her mother who’s also a small business owner, she’s hoping her business takes off. Her mom tells us, helping her achieve her dream is all that matters to her. “I’m just amazed she’s just so determined and confident in what she does, I’m proud to say that she’s my daughter,” says her mom, Cheree Robinson.

However, we’re told what makes ‘Glossi Glam Cosmetics’ so unique is that everything is homemade. “It’s different than everyone else because it determines the amount of effort and love you put into the product,” says Zy.

Although Zy and her mom say they have a little ways to go before they can open a shop, they won’t stop until she gets to where she needs to be. “At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if she has a lot of sales or a little bit, I’m always going to be pushing her to keep doing the best that she can do, keep going.”

Zy and her mom also tells us, with more businesses reopening they’re really pushing to get her online business known.

If you want to follow Zy on her journey, just click here.

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