Weather Tidbits: Hurricane Climatology I

This Weather Tidbits explores the climatological pattern of tropical systems for the early months of hurricane season of June & July. The warmest waters of the Atlantic Basin during the month of June are focused over the Gulf of Mexico & northern Caribbean Sea. This puts that area in a likely chance of development or in its path, with a more likely area focused off the west coast of Florida. Possible paths during June favor the western Gulf States of Texas & Louisiana, but also through Florida and along the coast of the Georgia & the Carolinas.

In July, the area of likely development expands into parts of Atlantic with a focus over the Lesser Antillies and the Bahamas too. The development in Gulf of Mexico decreases to just the western half, but warmer waters spread the focus of development and paths as far north towards Delmarva. While development & tracks may spread more in July; however it’s not as centralized as June but also no area is more likely than any other during this month. Paths in July travel further as well; from the Lesser Antillies to Texas, the Carolinas or the Central Gulf Coast.

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