Weather Tidbits: Car vs Air Temperature

This Weather Tidbits discusses the differences between car and air temperatures. The main takeaway is to never leave a pet and child in a car; as temperatures inside the vehicle will climb very quickly in a short time. Even with temperatures as low as the 50s and 60s, conditions can turn life-threatening. When the air temperature is just 70°; the temperature can climb to near 100° in 20 minutes and over 110° in a hour. At 80° of air temperature; the 100° mark is nearly approached in just 10 mere minutes, with car temperatures over 120° in one hour. Lastly when the thermometer soars to 90° outside; the car temperature will be around 110° in 10 minutes, and scorching into the 130s by an hour’s time. The car will heat up faster & quicker; if parts of the car are black or dark-colored.

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