Video goes viral of OCPD tasering, kneeing teens during arrest incident

OCEAN CITY, Md.- It was chaotic in area of 12th street on the boardwalk this past Saturday.

The video showing a teen getting tased and others being forcefully arrested already going viral on social media.

“One of them had his knee on his back and then another one was over there holding his hand while the other one was just kneeing him in his side” Elijah Hill, a witness and visitor, said.

OCPD says this stems from them approaching the group and telling them vaping on the boardwalk violates a local ordinance.

But as the group was walking away one of teens started vaping again.

That prompted officers to ask for one of the teens identification, but he refused and became disorderly.

Soon a crowd would gather, which police say made the other three in group act out even more.

One teen pushing a Public Safety Aide and trying to hit them with a police bike.

All of that leading to what you see on video.

In the wake, some business owners are defending police.

“I think we have one of the tiniest police departments, in Ocean City, Maryland, I’m very proud of them and they a great job putting it to rest real quick,” Phil Houck, owner of Bull on the Beach.

However a witness, and others we spoke with say they are unhappy with how the officers treated the teens

“It makes me feel scared overall, it just makes me feel scared whenever I get around police,” Hill said.

“I feel like I have to be extra like way more safe than I have to be with just the police,” Shannel Zimmerman, a visitor said.

But going forward, some tell us they want to see action.

“They need better tests or something, they need to change, and it just need to change, these cops are getting too aggressive,” Hill said.

“I would like to see police officers doing better with their job just a tad bit,” Zimmerman said.

In a statement, the Mayor says that the OC Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards is currently investigating both incidents, per the department’s use of  force policy.

He says while the use of force is never the intended outcome, the police department’s first priority is to protect and serve.

The Mayor adds that they are focused only on keeping all residents and all visitors safe by enforcing the laws and ordinances of the community, as well as defusing situations as quickly as possible and maintained control over the environment.

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