Small businesses flourish with relief fund help, despite pandemic sting


DELAWARE.-  The pandemic created many challenges for small businesses, but COVID-relief funds kept many going.

U.S. Senator Tom Carper and Delaware Small Business Association met to discuss just that, how relief programs helped local businesses. “We have not been able to go out and see people face to face for months, so this was an opportunity to talk to businesses and lenders and folks from the SBA to hear what we’re doing right and what we’re not doing right,” said Senator Carper.

Senator Carper says hearing those opinions will be helpful moving forward. “We’re doing a lot that’s right. In some cases we’ll have to fine-tune a bit and make some corrections. It’s not all good but it’s a lot better than what it was and we got some good feedback on what we can do better,” said Carper.

One of those restaurants was JD Shuckers, who was a recipient of both the paycheck protection program loan and the restaurant revitalization fund loan. Both, they say were crucial to keeping their doors open.

Last year, management say within less than an 8 hour notice their business license was revoked, shutting them down. “There was a few days and weeks that were very concerning,” said Adams.

With the help of relief funding, owner Ken Adams says they were able to get back on their feet. With restrictions lifting, he says things look up but there’s still some challenges. “Our challenge now, which is pretty much across the industry, at least in southern Delaware is workforce,” said Adams.

Despite this, Adams says the pandemic has only made their team a strong unit. “That’s kind of the positive take away of all of this. Our teams ability to adapt to all the challenges and come through on the other side of it,” said Adams.

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund Replenishment Act was recently introduced providing an additional $60 billion dollars to support the restaurant industry.


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