Raising minimum wage passes DE House, now awaits governors signature

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DELAWARE.- In Delaware, the move to raise the minimum wage gradually from $10.50 per hour next year to $15 in 2025 is now just awaiting the governor’s signature.

Some restaurant owners believe as businesses recover from the pandemic, it’s uncertain what impact that will have. “So there’s probably businesses out there this will hurt. There’s probably businesses out there this won’t have much of a negative impact on and I think time will tell,” said Mobilia.

However Owner of Salted Vines Winery, Adrian Mobilia,  says that this legislation could help employees afford home in a tough housing market. “Speaking specifically about Eastern Sussex county areas, we have a lot of workers that have a difficult time finding long-term, affordable, stable housing because the real estate market here is so expensive,” said Mobilia.

In the end, that’s those in support of the legislation want, to help minimum wage workers survive in a post COVID world.

Bill Sponsor Representative Gerald Brady saying that quote “Raising the minimum wage will help ensure that working people share in Delaware’s post-pandemic economic recovery. A higher minimum wage will put more money in the pockets of the very same customers that small businesses rely on.”

If passed, Delaware will join surrounding states like Maryland who’ve already passed legislation moving to a $15 minimum wage by 2025.

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