Rainbow crosswalk gets makeover, pushes for inclusivity


SALISBURY, MD.- The rainbow crosswalk we’ve seen for the past 3 years is getting a makeover.

Salisbury P-FLAG is redesigning the crosswalk,  funded by Salisbury University’s Fulton Hall Humanities Program.

We’re told the idea came from the voices of the community wanting it to feel more inclusive.

The crosswalk will now be 3-sided, adding the trans and progressive pride flags.

Executive Director of Salisbury P-FLAG, Mark DeLancey,  says this move will be groundbreaking as this would be one of the first crosswalks of its kind.

He adds they wanted to make sure they represent the community as a whole. “We wanted to be able to hear their voices and implement some of those changes. And in those changes, make sure that it was more approachable to our community as a whole,” said DeLancey.

The event will be held this Saturday June 26th. It also be a block party with food, performances, and a story hour.

To find out more about more pride events, visit salisburypflag.com

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