Inmate to Entrepreneur: ABC’s Free Enterprise creating jobs

DELMARVA – People coming out of prison constantly face a number of challenges: housing, financial support, and jobs. But one organization is making it their mission to help those former inmates with that last part, finding a well paying job.

Brian Hamilton is the founder of Inmates to Entrepreneurs, a program now featured on ABC’s Free Enterprise. Hamilton says it all started when he visited a prison years ago and realized how hard it is for former inmates with a record to find a job. So he says as an entrepreneur himself, he wanted to find a way to make life easier and better for these former inmates once they’re done serving their time.

“I like to just make it simple, statistically, it’s impossible to get a job coming out of prison, a well-paying job, and we just have to be real about that, there is just massive discrimination against people who are coming out of prison,” he said. “We’re in the hope business, h-o-p-e, and it’s hokey, but it’s true, we’re in the hope business, we want to provide hope to people, and realistic hope, let’s give them realistic hope, and this is something that people can do.”

Hamilton says they help people start businesses they can get off the ground with a small amount of money, like lawn care services, home cleaning services, or other jobs that you can do with your hands.

If you want to watch Free Enterprise, you can tune in right here on ABC on Saturday mornings.

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